The Billionaire’s Proposition – BWWM Series

About The Billionaire’s Proposition: This BWWM series is basically about billionaires & babies! It involves the love stories of three wealthy cousins: Kevin, Richard, and Michael. Click titles/images to go directly to the Amazon page. These interracial romances are available at all major retailers.

NOTE: Books 1 & 2 can be read out of order, but Book 3 ties them all together by the end.


SYNOPSIS: Stressed Naomi is having one of those “Murphy’s Law” kind of days—everything that can go wrong is going horribly wrong. Traumatized by events from the night before, she ends up distracted at work—to the point that it gets her fired. Her continued distraction leads to more catastrophe as she almost smashes into a stranger as she hurries away—or is it a blessing in disguise?

Noticing her distress, the handsome, wealthy-looking stranger offers her an attractive solution to her immediate needs: work for him as his personal assistant—no catch. Ha! She doesn’t believe him, but her desperation makes her accept, and it isn’t long before she suspects he wants a whole lot more from her than getting his coffee! She is used to saving herself, but can she resist the hunk who saved her?

**A billionaire and virgin BWWM romance.**


SYNOPSIS: Curvy Cherise never expected the hot new guest in her restaurant to request her as his server. He had so many other options—thinner, prettier types more than eager to cater to all of his needs. But the sexy, mysterious man insists on having the bodacious beauty in more ways than one! Suddenly, Cherise finds herself facing all sorts of indecent propositions. What the heck is the handsome stranger really up to?

When the wealthy hunk presents her with a tempting offer, she quickly catches on to his plan—so she thinks. She wants to take him up on it, but only if she can convince herself she won’t end up wanting more than he’s willing to give. But does the mysterious billionaire want even more from her than he’s letting on?

**A very naughty, fast-paced BWWM billionaire romance.**


The Tycoon's Reluctant Bride Book Cover

SYNOPSIS: Lonely Megan finds her life even emptier when her best friend suddenly passes away. The tragedy is soon followed by a bout of good luck, and not only does she end up winning a much-needed island getaway, she gets seated in first class next to a gorgeous, blue-eyed hunk who, for some reason, is convinced she’s destined to be his wife!

She banters with the hot stranger during the flight with no intention of giving in to the way he makes her feel, determined to keep her heart shielded from further heartbreak. But she soon finds out they are staying in the same hotel, and in no time, she learns that when this billionaire alpha male said he plans to keep her, he meant it! Can the tycoon convince her they were made for each other?

**A steamy but sweet BWWM billionaire romance.**

NOTE: ALL 3 STORIES AVAILABLE IN A BUNDLE HERE on Amazon!BWWM Proposition Bundle Book Cover