Holiday Hunks – Interracial Series

About the interracial Holiday Hunks seriesUn-related contemporary romances taking place around a holiday or other special occasion. Besides multicultural love, this series highlights relationships between sisters. Click titles/photos for more info! The stories can be read in any order.


SYNOPSIS: Brenda’s holiday season is looking pretty bleak.
She hasn’t spoken to her half-sister, Rachel, since Rachel stole her boyfriend, and Brenda hasn’t dated since. Now Rachel and the man Brenda once thought she’d marry herself are expecting a child. And Rachel keeps inviting her over to have dinner with them! Brenda already turned down their Thanksgiving invitation but doesn’t want to spend Christmas alone.  Yet she’s not sure she’s gotten over her ex enough to face the two as a couple. But then she collides with a handsome stranger in a coffee shop and everything changes…

Alex has given up on family Christmases and miracles after watching his family slowly get wiped out, his brother the latest casualty. He has settled on living life playing the field, not trusting his luck with having people he cares about stick around. But a chance encounter with a sad-looking beauty in a coffee shop arouses his curiosity.

To make up for the coffee he spilled on her, Brenda asks the handsome stranger one favor: accompany her to her sister’s Christmas dinner. He agrees on one condition: that she go out with him in the meantime until then. They both agree to end their arrangement after the Christmas dinner, despite mutual growing feelings of wanting more.

Brenda is determined to keep her heart protected, but can Alex hold on to the scared beauty for longer than the holiday season?


SYNOPSIS: When Alicia’s cousin asks her to fill in last minute on a babysitting job, Alicia expects nothing more than brief inconvenience. It’s Valentine’s Day, and she is shamefully available to sub in, so she agrees. What she doesn’t expect is a handsome, sad-looking father, and a quiet but endearing four-year-old. And she certainly doesn’t expect wanting to see them again once the gig is done! Alicia puts the jarring night out of her mind as best as she can, but her services are unexpectedly called for once more. She suspects the client wants her for far more than watching his kid!

Mark only wants what’s best for his daughter. Once he realizes she has unexpectedly taken to the new babysitter, he vows to do everything he can to explore romantic possibilities with the enchanting woman to keep his child happy.

Alicia agrees to babysit again, giving him hope, but as the night unfolds, secrets come to light, devastating their budding relationship. They both find themselves torn between their hearts and familial duty, between past loyalties and new dreams and possibilities.

Suspicion, doubt, and distrust threaten to destroy them, but can the two fight through to what’s best for them all?


SYNOPSIS: For Karen Miller, housesitting for her sister turns into a lot more when she discovers a newborn baby on her doorstep one night! Her nosy but handsome next-door neighbor stops by to probe about recent neighborhood activity, and the two eventually realize the child was probably meant to be left at his place instead.

Now that he’s suddenly a father, Brian Langdon asks Karen for guidance. The unlikely pair soon discovers more between them than the tie currently binding them. But will it be enough when a different sort of trouble shows up at their doorsteps?

**A contemporary BWWM holiday romance. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed HEA!**



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