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99c SALE: The Billionaire Scoop (BWWM Romance)

This week only, The Billionaire Scoop will be 99c at all major retailers!

Check out a sample (from the Amazon page) below.

SYNOPSIS: When Maribel moves to New York to pursue a journalism career, she thinks life can only get better, having grown up in the Deep South, battling racism. But job opportunities keep slipping through her fingers—until an unhappy billionaire spills his woes to her in a bar and she suddenly has the perfect scoop to launch her career! But can she betray the handsome man in his most vulnerable moment?

Jim Craig wants normalcy. The son of a billionaire and forced into the family business, Jim is now facing one of his worst fears—an arranged marriage—and he takes off before he can go through with it. He seeks refuge in a bar and runs into a beautiful woman who tempts him to take a load off and spill everything. Little does he know, the beautiful stranger is a reporter, and they both might get more than they bargained for once their secrets come to light!

The Billionaire Scoop is a standalone BWWM interracial romance on the sweet side with secret identity themes.
No cliffhangers, no cheating, and a guaranteed HEA!

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