Taking Chances – BWWM Series

The stories here are loosely related BWWM romances starring wealthy heroes.


SYNOPSIS: In the last 48 hours, Julia Murphy lost her job, her boyfriend is nowhere to be found, and she just got word that she’s pregnant. Unemployed and suddenly single while carrying a child is not the way Julia saw her life, but here she is. What to do now?

Billionaire businessman Beckham Stone hasn’t seen or heard from his business partner, Niles Addison, in over a week. So imagine his surprise when Niles’s most recent mistress shows up at his office one day, demanding to know his whereabouts!

As the two try to find Niles, they must deal with the growing attraction developing between them while almost everything else works to keep them apart.

Will they find their way through the tangled mess?

A standalone, contemporary BWWM romance on the sweet side.


SYNOPSIS: When an adventurous, thrill-seeking billionaire is assigned a steadfast young woman to help rein in his reckless tendencies, sparks begin to fly!

Abby’s job as Dan’s personal coach is to help tame his passion for extremely fast cars, and it’s not an easy task. But she also begins taming his soul, and they both find themselves falling for someone outside of their usual comfort zones.

Racial and lifestyles differences work against them, but will their unexpected love conquer all?

**A standalone, contemporary interracial love story with sports and workplace themes.**


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