About Rose

I write multicultural and interracial love stories, particularly contemporary BWWM romance.

So far, I have published lots of novellas (~20k – 40k words) and a few novels under various series. Read more about my diverse books starring black women here on this website, or go directly to my Amazon author page to check out my catalogue! Heat levels vary (clean to dirty).

Some books are in Kindle Unlimited (members read for free) and exclusive to Amazon, but most are available at all major retailers.

If you’re still reading, here’s more about me: I love psychological fiction, particularly stories addressing difficult topics. 

I tend to write romance on the shorter side, so I don’t go too deep; my brand is more about light, easy-going beach reads with a few exceptions.

Like most writers, I’ve been writing for fun from an early age (elementary school). I imagined becoming a professional writer someday, but the way it came about was unexpected. Thanks to Amazon KDP, etc., I can bring my tales to the public on my own terms!

I like to read science fiction stories and dark romances these days, but way back in the day, I read lots of romances from Harlequin, Mills and Boon, etc.  Without fail, the contemporary and historical romances I got ahold of starred white women, even if the men weren’t always white. I didn’t think much of it back then, especially since movies, TV, etc. were also dominated by white characters. As a result, most people are taught to identify with white people since they’re positioned as the default. My first stories even starred white characters since I was so used to that framework. 

I grew up in a majority black nation, however, so even if women who looked like me weren’t represented well in media and entertainment, I had the cushion of real life representation.

But at some point, I got tired of not seeing black women represented in romance and decided to write those stories!

So there’s the real long and short of it.

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