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NOW AVAILABLE: New BWWM Billionaire Romance Series

Secrets & Deception is a new series, and the first two books are currently on Amazon! Both are on sale now (& free to read in Kindle Unlimited) for a limited time.

Book 1 is a re-release (previously published under another name): The Billionaire Scoop


SYNOPSIS: Maribel Gibson always wanted to be extraordinary.
Having grown up in the Deep South, she not only dealt with racism, she triumphed over it. No matter what came her way, she turned the situation around to her benefit. So when she moves to New York in pursuit of a journalism career, she thought her life could only get better. But as her main job opportunity slips through her fingers, she suddenly finds herself all alone and jobless in a big, lonely city, panicking. Then chance presents her with an unexpected boon: the scoop of a lifetime in the form of an unhappy billionaire. Regardless of how she feels about the man spilling his story, she knows it’s her shot to get in the big leagues, and she’s about to take it.

Jim Craig only wants normalcy.
The son of a billionaire and forced into the family business, Jim longs to be just a regular guy. His whole life, his dad pressured him into more and more, and now, facing one of his worst fears—an arranged marriage of all things—he takes off before he can go through with it. He seeks refuge in a bar and runs into a beautiful woman who tempts him to take a load off and spill everything. Little does he know, the beautiful stranger is a reporter, and they both might get more than they bargained for once their secrets come to light!

The Billionaire Scoop is a standalone BWWM interracial romance on the sweet side. No cliffhangers and a guaranteed HEA!


Book 2 is now available earlier than its original pre-order date: The Billionaire Deal


SYNOPSIS: When Judy’s longtime crush asks her for a HUGE favor—to help him get out of a PR nightmare by pretending to be his fiancée—she can barely contain her joy. She thinks she finally has a chance to get him to see her in a different light—as something more than his best friend’s little sister—but it soon becomes apparent her playboy crush has no plans to settle down soon, and certainly not with someone like her!

Once the storm blows over and they part ways, Judy tries to move on from the heartbreak, but Scott takes a sudden interest in her again. After being burned once, can she trust her old crush has finally seen what’s been in front of him the whole time?

The Billionaire Deal is the second book in the Secrets & Deception series. All of the books in the series are standalone multicultural love stories, but it is best to read the series in order, beginning with The Billionaire Scoop, as book 2 contains a few spoilers. No cliffhangers and a HEA!

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  1. Okauia

    February 27, 2018 at 1:46 am

    Enjoying the books…always been a fan of inter-racial romance/erotica literature

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