Sweet Redemption – Workplace Romance Series

About the Sweet Redemption series: Unlike the Dangerous Secrets series, which deals with new adult/college love stories, the Sweet Redemption stories are sexier, more mature romantic tales of love and personal discoveries. These interracial contemporary romances involve the workplace. The stories are related and best read in order.


SYNOPSIS: Janet Cooper has a small problem: dumping her unfaithful fiancé has made him obsessed with her, turning him into a stalker continually begging for her forgiveness. Janet soon realizes her troubles are just beginning, especially since her new coworker, Eric, is an irresistible hunk and she has promised herself a three-month hiatus from sex since her breakup.

Eric Anderson has a small problem: he has been hired to infiltrate Cooper Investment, Inc. via its heir apparent, Janet, but once he sets his eyes on the beauty, it’s no longer just the business he wants to infiltrate.

As Janet’s ex-fiancé gets more and more aggressive in his pursuit of her, she turns to Eric for strength and friendship, sending her ex into jealous rages and her hormones into overdrive! Once the men in her life begin showing their true colors, she sees that playing with fire could leave her scarred for life.

Playing with Fire is the first book in the Sweet Redemption series. Amazon page


In Hot Water BWWM Romance

SYNOPSIS: Liz’s best friend, Janet, has it all: money, looks, and she recently found the man—and the job—of her dreams. Liz tries hard not to be jealous, but everything seems to work out in Janet’s favor. What’s worse is that Liz’s boyfriend of over seven years completely vanished from their shared apartment one day, leaving her nothing but a Dear Jane note. With her best friend about to transfer out of the company they both worked for to begin her new life, Liz feels more alone than ever and finds herself spiraling into depression.

Then she finds hope in the form of Duke Washington, a man she meets at Janet’s wedding. The two discover a passionate connection, but Liz still isn’t ready for a serious relationship and they part ways with Liz promising to call him when she’s ready. She accidentally loses his number, but fate crosses their paths again in an unexpected way, and with unforeseen complications. Will Liz finally stop being her own worst enemy and let go of her painful past in time to embrace a promising future?

In Hot Water is the second book in the Sweet Redemption series. Amazon page


  1. Joan Hicks

    March 24, 2014 at 2:10 am

    When will 2nd book of Sweet Redemption series be released?

  2. Rose

    March 24, 2014 at 3:21 am

    Scheduled for this July. 🙂 Thanks for asking!
    I’ll update the website etc. with new and upcoming releases info soon.

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